Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

E-Cigarettes Are in Vogue and at a Crossroads - NYTimes.

The One Huge Lie You Were Told About E-Cigarettes, Debunked – Mic

MicThe One Huge Lie You Were Told About E-Cigarettes, DebunkedMicThe truth: There's still no such thing as a safe cigarette. Even if it's electronic. E-cigs are far from the harmless smoking alternative they've been cracked up to be. When vapers puff on electronic cigs, they inhale tiny toxic particles that can not …and more »

Lakewood bans e-cigarette smoking in public (The Denver Channel)

The Lakewood city council votes unanimously Monday night to prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices in and around public places, becoming the latest Colorado city to enact a ban.

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Are 'e-cigarettes' safe? The debate drags on | Amarillo Globe-