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Missouri governor vetoes electronic cigarette bill – KY3

KMOV.comMissouri governor vetoes electronic cigarette billKY3Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed legislation on Monday that would have banned people younger than 18 from buying electronic cigarettes, but limited the state's ability to regulate the product like it does traditional cigarettes. Nixon said the bill …Nixon vetoes electronic cigarette measureKMOV.comall 232 news articles »

Students win competition with app and e-cigarette concept (Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine)

Smartphones have paved the way for an increasing number of health-monitoring innovations, covering a range of applications such as fitness, cardiac function and diabetes, to name but a few. Now, a team of students has tapped the power of mobile phones to help those who want to quit smoking. Relieve is the name of the app/e-cigarette combo concept developed by students at the University of Lincoln in the UK. The idea is to help addicts gradually wean themselves off nicotine and recruit their friends for moral support. .. Continue Reading Students win competition with app and e-cigarette concept

**Section:** Health and Wellbeing

**Tags:** Apps, Smoking, Students, University of Lincoln

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