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E-Cigarette Regulations Loom As Vaping Trend Booms – Capital Public Radio News

E-Cigarette Regulations Loom As Vaping Trend BoomsCapital Public Radio NewsThe electronic-cigarette industry is heating up. Bars and shops are opening in the Sacramento area catering to people who “vape.” That's the term used for inhaling water vapor through an e-cigarette or other personal vaporizer. But amidst the vaping …

A New York City Smoker Group Suing to End E-Cigarette Ban in Restaurants and Bars (Reason Magazine – Hit and Run)

On Tuesday the New York City based smokers' group Citizens Lobying Against Smokers Harassment filed a lawsuit against the ban on e-cigarettes in restaurants and bars.
For more on this topic watch the Reason tv short titled _Thank You for Vaping: Libertarian vs. New York City's E-Cig Ban. _
Original text below the video.
> "[E-cigarettes] are just as important for public health as childhood vaccines, antibiotics, sewer treatment, and water treatment," says anti- smoking activist Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania. "And [it's] one of the craziest situations because the public health authorities [want to] ban them."
> On April 28, 2014, Reason, the Museum of Sex, and Henley Vaporium co-hosted a party to celebrate how e-cigarettes are saving lives—and to flout a ridiculous new law in New York that bans their use in many public places. (More on that in a moment.)
> E-cigarettes, which are battery-powered devices that replace carcinogenic smoke with water vapor, have proven to be remarkably effective at helping habitual smokers quit tobacco cigarettes. While we don't know yet if e-cigarettes has any long-term adverse health consequences, it's highly unlikely that they're as dangerous as regular smokes.
> "[S]imple common sense would tell us that inhaling their ingredients, as compared to …

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